There Is a Provision For The Creation Of The Rental Deposit Accounts?


Rental Deposit

The landlord must invest the Rental Deposit in a savings account with interest. In addition, the account must be on the name of the tenant. After Creating, he must inform the tenant about the savings account.


What Can Be Done By Tenants Who Have Not Received Their Money Back After The Exodus?

security Deposit

The tenant must pay the property damage, should the lessor a three-month period, to send the invoice of the craftsman. The tenant with the invoice amount does not agree, he can demand the return of the Security Deposit. In an emergency he must go to the conciliation authority. However, at the latest one year after the Exodus, he can go to the Bank and the money from the rental depot. The Bank must pay the money even against the will of the landlord. Provided the landlord has taken no legal action against the tenant.